Wasteland (2013) UK

Director: Tom Wadlow. Starring: Shameer Seepersand, Jessica Messenger, Mark Drake .

In November Wastelands world premiere screening comes to the UK Festival of Zombie Culture. This is a new post apocalyptic British film from director Tom Wadlow, the trailer itself looks fantastic, and I am really excited about seeing this one.


The world has been reduced to a Wasteland, where survivors of a deadly virus that has turned people into the walking dead try and hide and keep a low profile, while carving out a living by scavenging for useful items left over from the previous world. We find Scott Miller, alone and waiting for his beloved Beth to return from London where she went in search of her family. Scott is still clinging to hope that there is a chance that the world can return to its previous state. That faith is continually shaken by events in this wild and dangerous world until Scott is forced to face his fears and decide whether he is to stay where he is or seek other survivors.

Details of the Premiere are here



One Response to “Wasteland”

  1. There have been quite a few really good quality apocalypse films out recently. Thanks for finding another for me to check out!

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