064My name is Duane Patrick, I am 41 years old and live in the small ex-mining town of Cumnock, in Scotland, probably as far removed from Hollywood as you can get, but in 2006 I did leave the University of Paisely, with a BA Hons degree in Cinema after 4 years of study, I love most tv and film, a massive sci fi fan, I am an avid sports fan, watching football (soccer) mostly.

I have always had a strange fascination with Apocalyptic films since my childhood, they come in all genres, and can tell the most human of stories. I have no idea why I have this fascination, and I am not setting out on this journey to answer that question, or for that matter any other, this is not an academic paper to answer a question, this is just a blog to revel in the apocalyptic films I have enjoyed.

As Big Ben struck midnight and welcomed in 2012, there was that thought, would this be our last? Its been well documented that the Mayan long calendar runs out on the 21st of December 2012, some have then said this will be the end of days, the Apocalypse, every belief system has some prophecy of it, a day of reckoning at the end of time, when we will all be judged. So would this be the year?

I didn’t for one minute believe it will be, however , I thoughtit presented the opportunity to start this blog and I would have my own fun countdown to the Apocalypse, each month I will pick a movie to watch and discuss these are in no particular order, so this does not represent a countdown to the best. However perhaps I will find out some answers along the way, even apocalyptic film motifs that exist in all apocalyptic films no matter the genre. Or it may tell me why I have such a fascination for these films, or why the public in general has such an appetite for them, or we may just watch a few films and enjoy them.

I have to warn you before reading further, there will be spoilers, I will assume the reader has seen the film when I am writing about it, this is not a review of films, this will be a discussion,so from here on beware of spoilers! I spoke with my friend Craig about this over the Christmas holidays, we discussed rules for the films that would be chosen, for instance the film Armageddon, despite the title of the film, the apocalypse never happens, thanks to a sacrifice, (Jesus analogy anyone?) So Armageddon does not make this list, there has to have been a major catastrophic event where society has been left in ruins. That is however the only rule, everything else goes, Sci fi, comedy, horror, drama, fake documentary, so many different genres.

I have deliberately chosen my first two films, these were both made for tv films, in the 1980’s, I have chosen them because I feel they may well be the reason I have such a fascination with the depiction of the apocalypse on film, as they are seared into my adolescent mind when I was just 11. These films are The Day After and Threads, which depict the events of a thermonuclear war, and the aftermath, I am looking at them both together, as they were not only released at the same time, but have so many similarities in the narrative, and the imagery.

I hope this brief simple foreword has set the scene for this journey, and I hope you enjoy it. I welcome any comments anyone has along the way, and I am open to discussion on any of the films. So lets start on the 50 Apocalyptic films you must see before…………The Apocalypse


3 Responses to “Home”

  1. Allan Adair Says:

    im gonna throw my quite considerable weight behind “when the wind blows” which i caught on tv as a teenager . . . . haunting,even more so as it was animated

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